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What is a will?

So what happens to your property, money, and assets when you die? Well, that’s the central question a will generally seeks to answer as it is a legal document you prepare to stipulate how you’d like your possessions distrubuted.

Why do I need to write a will? 

Getting a will written for you ensures that your estate is dealt with correctly when you pass away. Having a will in place allows for your wishes to be in granted. With good planning, you can  make sure your loved ones are protected in a tax-efficient way.

If you don’t have a will in place the government will divide up your estate via what is known as the rules of intestacy. These rules are very rigid and may not reflect what you’d like to happen to your wealth, or what is most tax-efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to register a will in the UK?

There are no such provisions in UK law, as you aren’t legally mandated to register your will. However, you can do so by submitting it for documentation to the Probate Registry. That is desirable because chances of it being declared invalid later on are minimal.

Do you need a solicitor to make a will?

It’s your choice really because it’s not a requirement for a solicitor to draw up or witness the will. You can do it yourself, but it’s better to have someone walk you through the process even if the will is seemingly straightforward. You’re bound to make mistakes if you go at it alone, which might result in costly legal disputes after your demise.


What are the benefits of making a will?

There are several advantages to having a will in place, these include:

• You can choose guardians you trust and who you are sure will bring up your children well should you die before they are of legal age.
• You can determine who your beneficiaries are. Without a will, intestacy UK laws will decide who gets what, which varies from one part to another, and some recipients you’d like on the list may miss out.
• The UK government evaluates your estate when you die intestate. They’ll probably deduct a heftier inheritance tax than would be the case if you wrote your own will. With an excellent professional in your ear, you can take advantage of several things to reduce the said bill.

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